Research & Publications

  • Contemporary Intelligence Analysis and National Security: A Critical American Perspective – Book project with colleague John Weaver and Intelligence Analysis majored students and Geography students from 2019-2020. The project was completed and published by NOVA Science Publication in June 2020.
  • Society, Space, and Social Justice: The Geographies of Intersectionality – Book project with colleague Vandana Wadhwa  and a group of critical geographers on emerging social inequality and injustice spaces in various geographic regions. After a couple of years of hard working and collaboration, the project was completed and published in November 2019 by Lexington Books of Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group.
  • Global Intelligence Priorities (from the Perspective of the United States) – Book project co-edited with colleague John Weaver and Geography and Intelligence Analysis students from 2018-2019. The project was completed and published by NOVA Science Publication on July 1, 2019.
  • ***Equal Justice GIS Project – GIS research project with York County Courthouse Self-Help Center since fall 2015 to the present. Primarily supporting my students for summer internships every year, this collaborative research opportunity offers students those most practical GIS skills including designing and building GIS database, effective communicative analytical thematic mapping, and technical report writing to support the Center’s quarterly, annual reports and proposal applications for funding. It has supported Jessica Watson (spring 2016), Jennifer Liedy (summer 2016), Olivia West(spring 2017), and Claire Ashcraft (summer 2018). Joseph Falk is the current student intern who is working remotely on the project.
  • ***Shade Coffee Estate, Local Livelihood, and Sustainability in the Highlands of Nicaragua – Research Project with student – Samuel Estrada, an International Relations major and Geography minor, on the shade coffee estate, a major land use and land cover in the highlands of the northern-central Nicaragua. Change resulted by such land use and impact are field campaigned, characterized, and analyzed. Related to the environmental impacts and sustainability,  shade coffee land use and other agro-diversification techniques are critical to local rural livelihood. Due to . The field work was conducted in the summer 2017.  The 2018-2020 Nicaragua protests interrupted the continuing field work. But the secondary research is still being carried out. Expecting one publication in 2021.
  • Peace Atlas Project – Spearheaded by geographer Stan Brunn, worked with a group of geographers to develop an electronic peace atlas that aims to collect the most updated data, timely mapping, and mapped information disseminating information and knowledge about peace, social justice, and conflict resolution. Initiatives, referendum, policies, and strategies at local, regional,  inter-regional, and international scales are included. More information can be found at
  • *** are uncompleted research projects and still on-going projects as of July 14, 2020.