I am an Associate Professor of Geography in the Department of History and Political Science at the School of the Arts, Communication and Global Studies of York College of Pennsylvania. I teach geography courses spanning the three sub-areas of Geography: physical geography, Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS or Geospatial Technology), and human geography. To many people, Geography means knowing the capital cities of countries and the name of a river. It is true that many geographers do know where the capital cities are and what the name of  a river is but I must say that is not what geography is really about. Knowing these is just a scratch on the surface. Geography is a scientific discipline that has never stopped evolving since the Age of Antiquity. Geographers study patterns and processes (cause-effect relationships) within and between various spaces, whether those spaces are situated in physical systems or human systems; most importantly, seeing the world as the coupled physical-human (nature-society) systems is essential. GIS/Geospatial technology consisting of unique set of tools, deeply rooted in Geography, enables us to “see” the dynamic complexities within and between the systems of our world.

I am a broadly trained Geographer. My current teaching and research focus on the areas of Sustainability; Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change; Risk, Hazards, and Vulnerability; Urban Geography, particularly Urban Microclimate and Greening. Besides teaching and doing research, I chair the college’s President’s Task Force for campus sustainability. I am an Editorial Board member of the Asian Geographer Journal and the President-of-Elect of the Pennsylvania Geographical Society (PGS). For more information, please visit other pages. If you are a student and interested in doing research with me, please email me at jpomeroy@ycp.edu.