I am an Associate Professor of Geography of the Department of History and Political Science at the School of the Arts, Communication and Global Studies of York College of Pennsylvania. I teach geography courses spanning the three areas of Geography: physical geography, Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS or Geospatial Technology), and human geography. To many people, Geography means knowing capital cities of countries and the names of rivers and mountains. While this is partially true, knowing capital cities, rivers and mountains’ names is NOT what geography discipline is today! I must say knowing these is the first baby step of Geography. As a scientific discipline. Geography has never stopped evolving like all other disciplines. Geographers study place and space. We focus on patterns and processes. We investigate cause-effect relationships within and between places and spaces, whether the places and spaces are situated in physical systems and/or human systems, or the coupled physical-human (nature-society) systems. GIS/Geospatial technology made up by unique set of locational-based tools enables and empower us to “see” the dynamic complexity within and between the various systems of our world.

My current teaching and research interests focus in the areas of Climate Change, Sustainability; Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, particularly LULCC (Land Use Land Cover Change); Risk, Hazards, and Vulnerability; Urban Geography, particularly Urban Microclimate and Greening. I am also an affiliated faculty of YCP’s Intelligence Analysis Program. I work with John Weaver and our students research the pressing U.S. National Security issues. If you are a student who is interested in doing research with me, please contact me at jpomeroy@ycp.edu.

Besides teaching and doing research, I chair the college’s President’s Task Force for campus sustainability. I am an Editorial Board member of the Asian Geographer Journal and the President of the Pennsylvania Geographical Society (PGS).