I am an Assistant Professor of Geography in the Department of History and Political Science at the School of the Arts, Communication and Global Studies of York College of Pennsylvania. I teach geography courses spanning the three sub-areas of the discipline of Geography: physical geography, human geography, and Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS). For many people, Geography means knowing the capital city of a country or what the name of a river is. It is true that knowing where places are is important; but that is not what Geography is! Geography is the study of patterns and processes in the physical systems, human systems, and most importantly, how they are coupled and reciprocally related in space and time. GIS/Remote Sensing are unique tools in Geography helping us understanding these complexities. Being a broadly trained Geographer, I focus my teaching and researching in the areas of Sustainability; Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change; Risk, Hazards, and Vulnerability; Urban Greening. I am chairing the college’s President’s Task Force for campus sustainability. I am an Editorial Board member of the Asian Geographer Journal and the President-of-Elect for the Pennsylvania Geographical Society (PGS). For more information my research, please visit other pages. If you are a student and interested in doing research with me please email me at jpomeroy@ycp.edu.